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About us

The Food House is an innovative concept of the collaboration of multiple cultures and flavours of the world delivered directly to your door.

It is a modern thinking in the Australian food business. We are a unique virtual restaurant brand specialize in developing new products online to suit Australian needs and tastes. We believe in something for everyone’s taste. We aim to deliver premium products in the best possible manner.


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Supreme Keto Pizza- The Rolls Royce of Pizza

Store #3 for the Inventors of Keto Pizza. This time as a premium pizza place located on the Mountain Hwy in Wantirna. When we opened this new pizza place, next to another pizza shop, everyone called it sensational. But we call this confidence- Keto Pizza. Australia’s one of the most expensive and innovative commercial pizzas…


The Food House Bayswater- The Gem in the alleyway.

When we opened our second store at Bayswater, A customer has been trying our pizza and burger regularly. He is a very local person who knows the restaurants around Bayswater very well. One day we got into a quick chat with him. He commented, “I have been trying different takeaway and dine-in restaurants around the…


Ketogenic aka KETO.

Ketogenic means ‘low Carb’ NOT ‘no-carb’. Carbohydrates are not a NO-NO for our daily intake. Even for people following a strict ketogenic diet, doctors recommend a minimum amount of carbohydrates, which is essential for the human body. We have developed our Keto Pizza® and the related products, getting suggestions from keto following people and experts.…


The Food House Knox-A complete Virtual Brand

Have you ever thought of a restaurant running without a physical signboard??? This innovative idea has been developed and first founded in 2019 in one of the kitchens in Westfield Knox. Some people when heard about it, in the beginning, were shocked. But we say, welcome to the next-gen !… Being in Australia’s one of…



Nobody can say No to Pizza!!! But when watching out your diet and cutting calories, you still gotta eat your weekend pizza. Especially among new age Australians who follow a keto-friendly meal, a normal pizza from your local pizza which is loaded with thousands of carbohydrates cannot be thinkable. That’s where we started thinking and…


The new food revolution

The growth of food delivery is not exponential, it is rocketing. Study shows people tend to eat more at their own comfort at home or office than dining in a restaurant. This is a new age food revolution we are experiencing. 2020 is predicted to be a year of the battle between the leading food…